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About: Duncan Forbes


Since 1992 Duncan has released many albums, singles and EP's under many aliases Including Spooky, Animated, Toon Raiders and The Blondini Gang.

Apart from his own solo work Duncan has been collaborating with Jonathan Hill and has recently done remixes for Mr G, Imbecilles and Hailey Ross and continues to write as half of Spooky as well as his projects with Lol Hammond both on film soundtracks and their project through !K7 - please see the music for film and Sparkle Jar sections.

Duncan's has also worked as a producer and co-writer alongside UK DJ Sasha setting up a label, Emifire, to release their material and co-producing the hugely successful album Invol2ver.

The Early Days

From his initial job as label manager at Brainiak records and having been offered a job running the marketing department for Acid Jazz, Duncan decided to pursue his own musical career again.

Teaming up with Charlie May again their music caught the attention of Dick O'Dell and William Orbit who signed them to their label Guerilla records in 1992.

An early pioneer of Electronic Dance Music

Spooky were part of a group of UK acts on the early 90's who alongside Orbital, Underworld, Leftfield and Aphex Twin helped define a sound and create the live electronic music scene that we have today. Spooky’s debut album Gargantuan was a huge global success and saw them tour the world with banks of synthesisers and drum machines and became a classic of it's time.

Their 1996 album "Found Sound" caught the attention of Radiohead who often used Spooky's experimental film companion to the album "Found Sound" made by Grant Gee instead of a support act on their "OK Computer" tour.

Gee went on to make a film "Meeting People is easy" following the tour. The film was also screened on a continuous loop at the entrances of Paris's George Pompidou Centre when it reopened after a massive refurbishment.

The Beat goes on

Apart from his own solo work Duncan currently writes and produces alongside Mr G (Colin McBean) - please see the new releases section of this website, and continues to write as half of Spooky - again - new new releases forthcoming soon! And Duncan also writes music for film with Lol Hammond - please see the music for film and Sparkle Jar sections.

He had also been collaborating with Sophie Barker ("from Zero 7 fame") on a new project under the moniker of "Velvet Creatures" - soon to be released.

Multiple and varied new releases are currently in the pipleine, spanning everything from downtempo, ambient and soundscape music to new techno, tech-house & dub tracks.

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