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Music: Return Of The Strobelight Kid Remixed - Volume 2

The 2nd EP of remixes of Duncan's "Return of the Strobelight" LP


Revisiting Duncan Forbes’ debut solo album ‘Return Of The Strobelight Kid’ on 49North we now have three wonderfully fresh takes on three different tracks from the album.

First up we have Kassian who tackle ‘Floating’ and they step up to the mark with grace and turn in a peak time, hypnotic, yet melodic, tech house groover that will light up any dance floor.

Next Borai takes on ‘Another World’ and using the sweeping analogue strings from the original he lets them soar over funk fuelled shuffling hats and clattering snares. He draws you in gently and when the bass drops, buckle up for the ride !

The third and final remix comes from none other than Legowelt. His no holes barred high energy take on ‘Serendipity’ is full of analogue warmth and grabs you right from the start. Layers of electro charged arpeggiated lines fuse with the strings from the original underpinned by a driving rhythm to propel you forward into the future and beyond.

The 49North journey continues..........


Written and produced by Duncan Forbes
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