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Music: Cosmic EP

Mr.G & Duncan Forbes


Mr. G and Duncan now return to 49North with a brand new 4 track EP.

The first cut, Cosmic One is a peak time futuristic roller that lures you in gently and leads you through its infectious sonic journey.

Cosmic Two comes straight in with its solid electro-funk 808 rhythm, a nod to early Detroit electro but with its feet firmly set in the 21st Century, it builds and builds and builds.

Cosmic Three revisits the synth work of Cosmic One and switches things up a few gears. From the get-go it’s heads down, a driving funk fuelled groove.

Cosmic Four rewinds us to a beat-less reprise of Cosmic One but very much its own unique space. Like sliding into a warm bath of dubbed out beat-less analogue bliss

Enjoy the ride ......


Available as Vinyl and digital.

Mr.G thanks to Phoenix G. Published by Bakfoot Music 2024.

Duncan Forbes thanks to 49North, Published by Nottinghill Music.

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