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Music: Return Of The Strobelight Kid LP

Return Of The Strobelight Kid LP


Released 30th June 2023 Duncan's first full solo LP: Return Of The Strobelight Kid

Having firmly re-established his underground roots, through a series of killer EPs on his newly birthed imprint, 49North - the Spooky and Animated legend now turns his attention to solo album number 1 - his first ever, as Duncan Forbes.

Laying its first foundations some 5 years ago now - ‘Return Of The Strobelight Kid’ has been stealthily taking shape and developing organically ever since. And as a result, the 8 tracks which now make up the final running order, feel very much a direct reflection of all that was experienced during that time; as someone who - whilst having well and truly bought the t-shirt several times over by now - nevertheless finds themselves back on the starting grid, having to do it all over again from scratch.

But embarking on new adventures from way back on square one - is something Duncan’s no stranger to; and on this album, he invites us to join him on this journey of his, and experience all the ups, downs, twists and turns that come with such intrepid territory.

However, for the first port of call, Duncan somewhat eases us in - re-uniting us with a true stand out moment from his post-lockdown 7-strong EP series. This time round, however - ‘Bluer Than Blue’ takes a more gossamer, blissed-out form; swapping the staunch 4/4 for a sprightlier garage-flavoured approach in its (Slight Return). Next up, and cut from the same rhythmic cloth is ‘Hold That Thought’; its adrenalized 2-step rhythm and murky, murmuring pads making for a sunk-low, shadow-lined heater - positively slathered in thick and beckoning atmosphere.

Then, with its bounding, locomotive drum track and elastic, sky-reaching synths - ‘Rise Above (Bassbin)’ takes us to brighter, more versicolour climbs; that is before we go stratospheric, for the Jungle-licked, ghostly roller - ‘Quantum Particles Floating In Space’ (Redux).

‘Floating’ keeps the unearthly fires burning - but when it comes to stoking - instead opts for a more direct, trippier and psyche-tinged approach. The propulsive, locked groove theme continues with ‘Another World’, but this time, all the space above and around it - feels an altogether darker, eerier and far gnarlier proposition.

The wide-eyed majesty of ‘Serendipity’ then takes us down the penultimate stretch - rifling through a star-studded sky of its own making, in all its acid-licked, trance-kissed - breaky Techno glory; leaving Duncan’s most personal creation to date - ‘The Future Of Love’ - to close proceedings on this maiden, solo outing - by stripping things right back and reminding us just how powerful and affecting Electronic music can still be, when presented in its purest, most elemental form.

A1: ‘Bluer Than Blue’ (Slight Return)’
A2: ‘Hold That Thought’

B1: ‘Rise Above (Bassbin)’
B2: ‘Quantum Particles Floating In Space’ (Redux)

C1: ‘Floating’
C2: ‘Another World’

D1: ‘Serendipity’
D2: ‘Future Of Love’


All Tracks written and produced by Duncan Forbes.
Mixed by Duncan Forbes at The Beach

Duncan Forbes is published by Nottinghill Music UK

Mastered by Simon Davey @ The Exchange Vinyl.
Visual design by Matt Le Maistre Smith matt@joinedupthinking.design www.joinedupthinking.design

Distributed by www.republicofmusic.net

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All rights reserved.