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Music: Time To Dip EP (Fuse London)

Mr.G & Duncan Forbes


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Juno Download review:

"Mr G and Duncan Forbes' production partnership continues to blossom following the release of joint album, All Under One Moon, earlier in the year. Their latest single may well be their best yet, with both cuts offering a near perfect blend of boldness, energy and rhythmic hypnotism. 'Time To Dip' is a tough and surging affair featuring the triple attractions of wobbly sub-bass, fizzing stabs and glassy-eyed vocal snippets, while 'All Night' is a deeper and more locked-in affair tailor-made for heads-down moments. Forbes provides alternative versions of both tunes: a stirring 'Sherbert Dip' version of 'Time To Dip' that doffs a cap to his days as part of 90s prog house act Spooky, while the 'In The Zone' mix of 'All Night' is a deep, chunky and immersive roller."

more background from Mr G's Bandcamp page:

“Gotta say, this EP really is born outta standing on the stage before my set at FUSE at Printworks and listening to what was being played. When I got back I said to D that I wanted do something based around what I had heard, never really thinking Enzo or FUSE would get it, but how wrong we were. It’s another fab meeting of minds with D, which makes this joint EP so different yet special... I feel it covers many different bases and tempos, a real gem. Looking forward to see what folk make of it.” - Mr. G.

Title track ‘Time To Dip’ is classy house music that packs a punch typical of that trademark sound we’ve come to know and love. It’s heavy and tough yet stripped back and unquestionably dancefloor focused, all softened by hooky female vocals and hazy textures. Duncan’s ‘Sherbert Dip’ mix highlights the vocal and brings it to the fore as shuffling drums and sweeping melodies build around the elements. The flip welcomes ‘All Night’, a delightfully vibrant track pairing rich rhodes, swirling leads and sharp hats with an abundance of subtle jazzy textures, before Forbes’ ‘In The Zone’ remix delivers an immersive, heady and dubby late-night voyage for a mesmerising final ride.


Thought out by Duncan and Colin while having fun.
Mr.G thanks to Phoenix G. Published by Bakfoot Music 2023.

Duncan Forbes thanks to 49North, Published by Nottinghill Music.

2023 Fuse London
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