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Music For Film: Obey

Obey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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The official release of Lol Hammond, Duncan Forbes and Chris Coco's original soundtrack to Jamie Jones' award winning 2018 film, "Obey".

Nineteen-year-old Leon grew up without much attention from his alcoholic mother. Now old enough to be on his own, he rails against the injustice of his life until he meets a beautiful girl named Twiggy. His love for her lifts the weight of his past, but eventually, the hedonistic Twiggy no longer wants him in her life, and Leon's pain from the rejection leads to terrible consequences.

Background To The Soundtrack

This score was conceived by a team of three of us Lol Hammond, Chris Coco and myself.

I'm really proud of my involvement with "Obey". It's a really great film and through it I made a good friend in Jamie Jones, who is a supremely talented and focused director.

Lol and I had heard about the film around the time that we were finishing off "The Hatton Garden Job" the word was out that it was great film but it wasn't until about a year later that our paths finally crossed with Jamie. After Lol and I had written some initial ideas in my studio he and Chris began working on cues in Chris's studio with Jamie coming in a and out as the work progressed. Following this session Jamie came out to stay with me for a very intense 4 day session where we literally went through every cue in the film and completed the score there and then. From out initial more urban ideas it became apparent that the film was to have far more dystopian vibe much more in keeping with the feeling in London at the time of the riots.

I remember those few days in 2011 very well when it really felt that London was on the edge of a complete breakdown of law and order. Shops were boarded up and closed and there was a real feeling of fear of anarchy across a large part of the community. It was this feeling of London on the brink as a backdrop for the movie that we eventually captured.

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Winner Tribecca Film Festival 2018 - best original screenplay