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News: Spooky's Gargantuan LP Vinyl re-issue

OUT ON 21st June - pre-orders available now - the vinyl re-issue of an iconic album

the review from Juno says:
"Charlie May and Duncan Forbes, childhood friends turned musical collaborators, found themselves at the forefront of the UK's burgeoning progressive house scene in the early 90s. Their album Gargantuan still shines like a star to this era, blending influences from Italian house, Jamaican dub, and German trance into a cohesive and innovative sound. Spearheaded by William Orbit's Guerilla Records, May and Forbes contributed a track, 'Don't Panic,' that epitomized the genre's playful yet sophisticated vibe. Gargantuan still moves listeners with its infectious melodies, funky basslines, and intricate rhythms, earning it acclaim as a landmark of early progressive house. Featuring the setlist staple 'Littlet Bullet' and the underrated but beloved 'Schmoo' (dub), you have a jammed pack double disc of great 90s UK dance music. Gargantuan receives a well-deserved vinyl reissue, reminding listeners of its enduring influence and timeless appeal."