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News: Spooky's new EP: Bell's of Fury

Friday 2nd October 2020 sees the release first new material from Spooky for 9 years.

With it now approaching a decade since their combined powers last graced our shelves - Forbes and May return with a brand new Spooky record, that's as pleasingly familiar as it is refreshingly unexpected.

'Bells of Fury' is a uniquely crafted journey through the deeper, more melodious climbs of underground dance-music. Assembled in 3 emotionally charged parts - this ambitious new self-release has real confidence in its delicate, exposed sound-design, as well as it’s auteurial assembly - choosing a format that displays little regard for commercial status quo.

Nestled somewhere between the worlds of House, Techno and Electronica - whilst seemingly oblivious to current zeitgeist - this bold new offering from a duo that helped shape our scene - is akin to an aural triptych...one that invites us to occasionally ditch the safety net, drop the sonic smokescreens and look to embrace dance music at it's naked, most elemental best.

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