Music: Days Without End

Days Without End LP


This project came out of a few recording session initially for Richard parry's film "Cry Me A River" with my recently found new working partner Lol Hammond. Having known each other since 1992, we met in the café downstairs from Guerilla Records in the Pall Mall Depot building on Barlby Road in Notting Hill, I remember our first meeting clearly but that is another story.

Over the years we have toured together, DJ'd, run clubs, gone on a last minute package holiday when we were both burnt out after touring, married sisters but never actually worked together on any recordings.

That was until he came to stay for a weekend and we ended up in the studio recording four tunes which ended up getting us the film score of "The Hatton Garden Job".

Lol and I work brilliantly together, we have a love of a lot of the same music and things come together very quickly.

We had been talking about making an album off the back of a lot of the film work and Lol had been working on a few ideas at home and we recorded them over two sessions at my studio. After he returned to London I set about arranging them and adding parts to what we had recorded and working towards an overall sound of the record.

Eva recorded her wonderful vocal for "Fade In Bright Star" and it was clear that we needed to get her to sing on two other tracks that we had done with an 808 drum track, "Dust" and "On Thin Ice".

The result is a very warm sounding album that evolves as time progresses we are all very proud of the way it turned out. I am looking forward to continuing on with a follow up once we have done a few more soundtracks.

The EP of this album "The Sky is Falling" was launched 29th March 2019 for world Piano day and you can find it here "The Sky Is Falling" and just to say - the track "Days Without End" has just been added to Apple Music's Piano Chill worldwide playlist ! Check that out here Piano Chill by Apple Music


Vocals by Eva Abraham.

All Tracks Written and Produced by Lol Hammond and Duncan Forbes except "Fade In Bright Star", "Dust" and "On Thin Ice" written by Lol Hammond, Duncan Forbes and Eva Abraham.

Real strings by Jonathan Hill

Mixed by Duncan Forbes at Green Island.

Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 & 11 Published by Notting Hill Music UK Ltd

Tracks 6, 7 & 8 Published by Notting Hill Music UK Ltd / Copyright Control.

Design: Matthew le Maistre Smith.
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Dedicated to and in loving memory of the wonderful John Rixon x.

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