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Music: Who Will Stop The Robots

Who Will Stop The Robots LP


It might read like a Thursday night, back-room billing in 90s Brixton - but when this pair of homegrown heroes knock heads together in the studio, any thoughts of SE4, London and what goes with it - are long gone. As this mischievous twosome have a canny way of taking us far away from all of it; but it’s never been quite so pronounced as it is on their strikingly titled and fearlessly penned new album - ‘Who Will Stop The Robots’.

Following on from the pair’s 2019 debut - ’Days Without End’ - this second collaborative LP sees a clear leap in both style and intent. As whilst we are treated to moments of cinematic beauty and ambient finery once more - the lion’s share of it’s carefully mapped 12 tracks, aligns itself closer with the worlds of shoe-gaze, electronica, post-rock and trip-hop; thanks to Duncan’s 808-driven drum programming and Lol’s psyche-tinged, reverb-loaded guitar work. And this aural character is amplified further by the breathy vocal delivery of long time collaborator, Eva Abraham; as she slathers several key tracks in her deliciously ethereal harmonies.

Also, this time round, it’s clear that the duo have a very real agenda. A confident and punchy message that they’ve set out to convey through atmospheric, drama-loaded sonics, but also to a degree - through their brazen song titles… as with names like ‘Sorry Kids We Left You A Black Sun’; ‘Broken Blossoms’ and ‘Snow Ghosts’ - it’s clear the boys aren’t messing about when it comes to their vision. This is their warning, and our wake up call..

But even though a stark message lurks throughout - the over-arching energy, radiating from this Sophomore effort, is of hope and beauty; as even in its most melancholic and reflective moments - Lol and Duncan are able to remind us of the sheer wonder and majesty that surrounds us every day in a world that they clearly feel’s worth fighting for.

Including the singles: ‘Sorry Kids We Left You A Black Sun’; ‘Snow Ghosts’ and "Lights Out (Return To Strawberry Fields)"

And you’ll be able to experience the boys’ unique and prophetic force for yourselves from 24th July 2020, when the fine folk at !K7 will be unleashing it across Spotify, Apple Music and all good DSPs


Written by Lol Hammond, Duncan Forbes and Eva Abraham

real strings by Jonathan Hill

Produced and Mixed By Duncan Forbes at Green Island

Published by Notting Hill Music, Copyright Control

All design by Matthew le Maistre Smith @ Joined Up Thinking

℗ & © SparkleJar Records 2020