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Music: Polymorph



Polymorph is a track that came from a bunch of tracks which we hadn't got round to finishing off but which were started off in London after the Invol2ver sessions.

I remember that it was finished off in hotel room in LA that I had holed up in for a week or so while Charlie was living out there and I was working on a Giorgio Moroder project.

It ended up going to Microcastle as a one off as we hadn't finished the rest of the project and they were really into putting it out.

1 Polymorph (Original Mix) 7:47

2 Polymorph (Psycatron Remix) Remix ā€“ Psycatron 12:28

3 Polymorph (Petar Dundov Remix) Remix ā€“ Petar Dundov


Written by Duncan Forbes and Charlie May.

Mixed by Chris Allen.

Produced by Spooky.

Recorded at Grove Lane.>/p>

℗ & © Mircocastle